Jaguar Magazine edition 212




Welcome to our biggest sensation after 38 years of publishing.

We have found the first C-Type ever made – and it has always been in existence despite Jaguar records stating it was scrapped in 1953.

There is nothing grey about our claim and we will tell you its history and which car it is.

Road testing the F-PACE SVR – 2022 edition.  Jaguar crown jewel was ours to explore.

Ecurie Ecosse in colour from behind the scenes – and starting in 1951.  Meet the few who achieved so much.

Freddie and Errol – Errol Flynn’s best friend won the first race ever for Jaguar.  That is just the tip of the iceberg of a massive short life.

Armin Hahne – meeting TWR Jaguar’s quietest achiever who was more successful than you can imagine.

Buying a classic modern Jaguar in the UK.  Tony Brett did it, and tells us all how it was achieved.

The rare Jaguar 420 saloon which flies under the radar more than most.

… and so much more.

You can get it right here in digital or hardcopy.