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The premier and original independent Jaguar magazine in the world is filled with everything the new and established Jaguar owner/devotee wants. We cover the latest models driven, introduce the personalities, find the rare cars, report of restorations, highlight the classics and cover everything from 1922 until right now. We publish Jaguar Magazine to the highest standards with the finest paper, best images and most intriguing stories. We also cover every international region from Australia, the US, UK, New Zealand, Europe and elsewhere. Our editorial staff have more knowledge and experience than almost anyone else in the world – and its transmitted into the publication.

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Jaguar Magazine is totally independent but has been recognised and supported by Jaguar Cars since we were established in 1984. We have total control of everything in publishing the magazine from design, a vast image archive with millions of shots (many not seen before), and we have photographers and experts in the UK, US and in Australia to cover all of our features. We publish six times per year, and the easiest and most reliable means of getting your copy is to subscribe.

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We have at least 100 pages of the highest quality printing, images, design and writing – all put together by a specialist Jaguar team.

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Our magazine is recognized internationally as the leading Jaguar publication. We are passionate car fanatics, and if you are too, join us and receive the latest in all things Jaguar!